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Cannabis Aroma Wheel

The Cannabis Aroma Wheel is a sensory tool designed to help cannasseurs take their knowledge to the next level. It categorizes scents into familiar categories and families to help distinguish precise aromatic notes. Use it to differentiate between the unique tastes of individual cannabis strains, improve your knowledge of aroma complexity, and enhance your sensory experience.

How to Use the Aroma Wheel

Start At The Center

Begin with the general scent categories and work outward toward more specific notes. Take a deep sniff of cannabis and identify any scents that come to mind. Select the aromatic families that best fit and fine-tune with individual notes on the outer edge. After picking an aroma, start back at the center and continue the process until you complete the sensory profile.

Level Up Your Education

Communication is Key

The word "dank" isn't good enough. Descriptive language allows you to quantify the added value of your product. Describing precise scent notes adds details to the nuanced aromatics and flavours of your cannabis. The Cannabis Aroma Wheel is a tool to identify hard to decipher scents in that one-in-a-million profile and communicate the unique aromatic bouquet to consumers without having to crack a jar.


When Taste Is Important

Cannabis is the only billion-dollar industry without a proper tool for sensory evaluation. The Cannabis Aroma wheel bridges the gap between cultivator, cannassuer, and consumer by creating a common lexicon of familiar scents. Any time communication is valuable, this tool will help ensure the end consumer gets exactly the flavour and smell profile they expect.

All The Details

Identify Precise Scent Notes

Pulling individual notes from a bouquet is the aha! moment anyone can achieve with cannabis. Better communicating the scent of your products is the key to connecting with buyers, consumers, and conveying what sets your products apart.

A ground-breaking sensory tool

Where Education Meets Communication

Most sensory tools fall short by focusing on a single element of cannabis aroma, such as terpenes.With hundreds of molecules contributing to the scent of cannabis, we've created a much more comprehensive tool to effectively communicate the true-to-the-flower scent you're experiencing.

Scent and Aroma Nerds

Who is Scentelligence?

Scent experts with a passion for cannabis. Amanda Breeze and Ryan Herron are co-creators of The Scentelligence Project and The Smoking Spot podcast. Their deep knowledge of scents, our olfactory systems, and the psychology behind aroma gives them unique insight to explore the myriad aromas of the cannabis plant and its products.

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The Smoking Spot was nominated for the 2023 Cannabis Influencer Award for Best PodcastAmanda takes the stage at Cannexpo this March for her Sensory Masterclass, Smell is Everything

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